The Trump administration is dismantling DACA as we know it. Here is what you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 5 Things You Should Know about the Trump Administration's Announcement

We break down the impact that the Trump Administration’s announcement to dismantle DACA has on you, your family and our community.

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Top 5 Things You Should Know

Find out exactly what Trump’s decision to dismantle DACA includes and what it means for you.

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Speak out against Trump's Deportation Force

Now, more than ever, we must unite and take action and make our voices heard against Trump’s Deportation Force. 

Protection Against Deportations

Know your power

Since the Trump Administration took office, they have increased the attacks against immigrants. All of us, especially after their decision to dismantle DACA, need to learn how to be protected from deportation. 

It takes that we all learn our rights and learn how to be protected. Visit the deportation defense hub to learn more and have access to deportation defense tools!

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Resilience in difficult times

We are facing multiple crises but that doesn’t mean that we have to live in crisis mode at all times. It’s important to breathe, slow down, rest, and know that you are loved in order to make the best decisions possible. 

Our UndocuHealth team can guide you through practices to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy. Check out the page now to learn more.

Educators and Administrators

How your school can show up for this moment

Are you an educator or administrator that works with people who have DACA? We have made an information hub that is COVID-19 conscious. Go to the resource to learn ways that you can help people directly impacted in your school this moment.


Your strategy against deportation

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Pep Talks From Our Fam! 👏🏽

No one knows resilience and hope better than our immigrant family members. Many have had to draw upon wells of ancestral courage and spirit to weather tough times.

We love our immigrant fam, and they love us. If you’re feeling down because of the Trump Administration dismantling DACA, click below to hear some of the wise words from some immigrant parents and grandparents!

And don’t forget to check out our UndocuHealth hub for even more resilience practices you can do on your own.


Get it together!


Tough love, a staple of the immigrant childhood.

We have your back.


Sometimes you just need to know things’ll be alright.

It’s in the stars~


For that parent that watched a little too much Walter Mercado.

We have our faith.


When the going gets tough, faith can bring peace.

We’ll put up a fight!


Rest up. Our people are counting on us to keep going!

Frequently Asked Questions

The U.S. Supreme Court decision, followed by the 4th Circuit’s mandate on June 30, required that USCIS restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program, including that USCIS again process initial DACA requests and advance parole applications. However, on July 28, 2020, over a month after the Supreme Court’s decision, DHS issued a new memorandum limiting the DACA program. The memorandum requires USCIS to (1) reject all initial DACA requests, (2) reject advance parole requests from DACA recipients unless there are “exceptional circumstances,” and (3) continue accepting and processing DACA renewal requests but shift to providing DACA and work authorization for a 1-year period, rather than 2 years, for any DACA renewal request granted. On August 21,2020,  USCIS released a memorandum explaining in more detail how the DHS memo will be implemented. 


The answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions are based on the information we have now and will be updated as we learn more. This is all general guidance and is not intended to be legal advice. We recommend that you speak to an immigration attorney for more information.

If you have DACA, the 2020 DHS memorandum will not affect your current DACA and work permit.  Your DACA and work permit will remain valid until their expiration date. If your work authorization with a 2-year grant needs to be replaced, you will receive a replacement work permit with the same expiration date. The next time you apply for renewal, if your DACA is approved, your new DACA grant and work permit will be valid for 1 year rather than 2 years.