5 Steps to applying for DACA for the first time!

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So we’ve made our list and you’ve checked it twice and you believe you are eligible for DACA. You’re wondering what’s next? Here are 5 quick steps to take you from our checklist to mailing in your application to give you an idea of the process. 

1) As always, verify with your attorney or representative that you are in fact eligible for DACA.

  • If you have been in contact with law enforcement in the past, do not apply until you consult with an attorney or accredited representative! 

2) Once you’ve confirmed you are eligible to apply for DACA, begin gathering your application materials. Make sure to review the official USCIS instructions for additional information at the USCIS website.

3) You will need to fill out the following forms:

  • Form I-821D
  • Form I-765
  • Form I-765WS
  • Form G-1145
  • Make sure the forms are up to date. USCIS will reject applications that use outdated forms. Visit the USCIS website to find the following forms in their current versions. 
  • Make sure your application is filled out correctly and reviewed by your attorney or representative, before submitting. Please refer to USCIS’ Form I-821D Instructions which can be found at the USCIS website.
  • DO NOT send original documents to USCIS, only copies. Before mailing, make sure you also keep a copy of the entire application.

4) The application fee for DACA is $495. USCIS ONLY accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks. Money orders and cashier’s checks are recommended and can be obtained at your bank or stores like Walmart or 711. All forms of payment must be made payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security.” Do not abbreviate. 

  • Fee exemptions are available, but only to people who meet the stringent requirements.
  • If you need financial help, there are organizations like UWD and UBN who provide grants for DACA applications.

5) You did it! Mail your application! 

  • Do not staple the forms or docs (paper clips are preferred). The location of the USCIS facility you need to send  your application to will differ based on where you reside. Please use the USCIS reference guide to find the correct location. We recommend that you select a delivery option that allows you to track your package.
  • Track application status. If you filled out Form G-1145 you should receive a one-time e-Notification when your application has been received by USCIS.

Congratulations! You will soon get a receipt from USCIS and continue the process, but for now, you are done! Relax and kick back know you are that much closer to protection from deportation!