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August 11, 2020

A little over a month ago, immigrant youth had a huge win at the Supreme Court in which the majority of justices upheld DACA and ordered the Department of Homeland Security to reinstate the program to its original form. Instead of following the Supreme Court decision, the Trump administration and DHS released another memo with their plans to unlawfully dismantle the program piece by piece.

Together we must continue to fight for the future we all deserve one where DACA recipients and all 11 million immigrants are safe and free. 

Send a Letter to Your Senator: Include Immigrants in COVID-19 Relief

Send a Letter to Congress

Push Congress to pass permanent protections for DACA recipients, defund the deportation force, and include immigrants in the COVID release package.

Hear the Stories

Share the stories of young undocumented immigrants who would have qualified for DACA but are now barred because of the Trump Administration’s attack on immigrants.


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